Advice for Surfing

What a week.

In the last 10 days, I’ve flown from Mexico to Colorado, to Arizona, and now, back to Mexico. Surprisingly, there’s not a lot to say about that. At least not yet. By Sunday, I typically have my thoughts/feelings about the week in order. But this time…not so much.

I’ll publish this post now, but conclude it in a short while. Since consistency is important!

11:07 Sunday


It’s now 00:26 (aka 12:46 — military time is a lot better, but whatever. That’s neither here nor there) It’s now 00:26 and I have my thoughts/feelings in order. First things first, never mistake friendliness for affection.

Secondly, I’ve received a lot of good advice this weekend. All of it coming from the recent strangers turned… friends (?) travel acquaintances (?) people I heed advice from (?) — I’m unsure. The lines blur easily when abroad. The first piece of advice I’ll share came from a friend while we were at the beach. Allegedly, it’s one of the best beaches for surfing in Mexico, but I’ve never gone surfing, nor have I been to enough beaches in Mexico to have a fair opinion, but that’s what the people say. Anyway, the question was something like:

‘Have you ever gone to a place expecting one thing, but got another?’

‘Of course.’

‘What did you do about it?’

‘We [she’s Jewish] have a word for that. It’s Gam zu l’tova’ Which essentially translates to everything happens for a reason. She then went on to use a surfing metaphor that, to the best I remember, was about accepting circumstances and moving on from them. If you go surfing and fall off your board, obviously the next best thing to do is to get on the board and try again. Don’t fall off the board, treading water, complaining, and being sad about how you fell off the board. Accept that you fell off, climb back on, and keep it moving.

(And if you’re reading this, thank you for the advice! And for reading! I appreciate it. And I’m still waiting to be added on!)

The second piece of advice is about goals.

I was on a different beach with a different friend and we were talking about surfing and gradual human progression in the sense that, if someone surfs for twenty years, by that twentieth year, even if they don’t consciously think/act in different ways to stand on the board or do whatever it is that makes a better surfer, by that twentieth year, they’ll probably be a good surfer based off of nothing but….gradual progression. This, in my opinion, is one of the best things about being human; in that, if our goal is to be a great surfer, then there are things we can do to accelerate or decelerate that process. If Surfer A surfs Monday through Friday, and Surfer B surfs when she feels like it, and you had to make a bet about which one of those would be a better surfer by year twenty…you get the point.

I say this to say, the advice I received was to always move towards a goal directly. Whether that means moving to a new city or not, studying for ten years, cutting off a certain friend, etc, do what you need to do to best put yourself in a position to succeed at your goal. And if you don’t, then you don’t. And that’s the end of it.

But personally, I’ve never seen the point of not trying to succeed at a goal. Especially if it’s something you’re truly passionate about.

Anyway, that’s enough for now.

I’m going surfing for the first time tomorrow.

Until Sunday,





Writer | Traveler | Studio Jali

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Writer | Traveler | Studio Jali

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