Last Words of 2021

It’s a cold and sunless afternoon in the desert. Happy belated Christmas to you all. I hope you had a nice holiday with whoever you celebrate with. And if you don’t celebrate, then I hope you had a good Saturday.

Today is one of those days that remind me of different points in my life. I’m eating ham and leftover curry rice. I’ve gained a few pounds since December’s started, but staying committed to good healthy eating while it’s so cold outside is something I haven’t yet conquered.

The first point reminds me of my 23rd birthday in Chicago. If you know anything about Chicago, it should be that no one not from Chicago typically chooses to spend their February birthday in Chicago. Yet there I was.

I made a wine bottle my company for the weekend as I visited a Black Panther history exhibit, Sue at the Field Museum, the frozen lake, and went on short walks through the neighborhood I stayed in (Bronzeville). There was even a bridge a short distance away that I’d walk to in the morning to get a great (free) view of the Chicago skyline. I concluded that weekend enjoying a birthday dinner with a good friend and leaving with thoughts that I could one day make Chicago my home. That has yet to come into fruition, and the likelihood has since decreased (as I complain about the winter in Arizona) but I still romanticize the idea of it. Early-mid 40s seem like a good age to spend in a tough American city.

I won’t tell you the second point yet.

What I will tell you, however, is that coming January 1st, the Studio Jali Instagram will become active. There’s nothing there yet, but if you want to go give it a follow/check it out it’s @studio.jali

I also finished the logo this weekend.

If you don’t know what Studio Jali is, it’s my film studio. We’re releasing our first project in April 2022. Any other questions you have will (probably) be answered after the first few Instagram post. It’s an exciting time.

Also, since I won’t talk to you until the new year, I’ll share some of my goals (aka resolutions) now.

I ) Get a manager.

II) Get the @studio.jali Instagram to 500 followers by April 20th, 2022.

III) Move back to LA.

That’s all from me this week.

See you next year,





Writer | Traveler | Studio Jali

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Writer | Traveler | Studio Jali

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